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Our goal is to help de-mystify cybersecurity by providing relevant information, and actionable knowledge and insights, that you can easily and inexpensively integrate into your organization.

Our free resources will equip you with the practical and accessible knowledge and tools that you need to better understand cybersecurity risks, identify cybersecurity gaps in your business, and build capabilities to mitigate vulnerabilities.

SMB Handbook

Cybersecurity is an urgent concern for small and medium-sized businesses. Cyber incidents impacting SMBs make headlines every day. SMBs are wisely deploying technologies to collect data and grow their businesses, but cyber risks are surging along with these integrations. SMB-related cyber incidents often involve customer records, supplier and vendor information, and payment card data, and the impacts of a serious breach on an SMB can be devastating. As well, SMBs are often suppliers in larger supply chains, and breaches can imperil the SMBs’ own customers and suppliers. From the c-suite to boards of directors, leaders are recognizing the importance of embracing a culture of cybersecurity within their organizations.

Supporting Resources

All our E-learning modules are accompanied by checklists and templates that will guide you through the foundational principles of each section. You can also download these supporting resources below.

Role-Based Ransomware Workshops and Resources for Your Organization

Looking for some tips and best practices to prevent and prepare for ransomware attacks?

Check out the Catalyst’s Role-Based Ransomware Tip Sheets

The Catalyst’s Role-Based Ransomware Training Suite also includes:

  • Business Leader Ransomware Learning Program
  • Catalyst Cyber Range Ransomware Workshop for Technical Teams
  • Open Skills: Catalyst Cyber Range Ransomware Workshop for Individual Learners

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